Monday, March 2, 2009

sense of safety with no commas

one of the things I do miss about the old days is the sense of safety
that we had
brother Bill and I would walk to grandpa's farm 3 miles away
1/2 mile was side road
and the rest was the main road
there was no phone to use to say
we were coming or
that we had even got there
and the next day we would walk home
we walked to our friend's houses miles
away and again no phones
we were never afraid
and our parents were not either
they had taught us road safey and we
all walked to school every day
and nothing happened
all the kids in our area could do the same thing
now I am afraid to walk to church
after dark and this week-end added
to the fear
in town next door to our town or about 8 miles away
a young lady-age 16 - was kidnapped from the back
of her home
she had gone to the store to get some apple juice
due to a sore throat
an hour later her dad looked out the window
and saw her car sitting there with the lights on
and the door open
when he checked it out- her purse and juice were
in the car and he immediately called in the police
great police work -20,000 posters put out with
in hours and loads of volumteers to help
they knew she was in the city due to pings
off her cell phone
they could not pen her down to a place
as the kidnapper kept her on the move
they did not give up and
the good news is after 46 hours she got away and
got to a pay phone for help
she called her daddy-- daddy daddy-
I begged for my life--
she had been kidnapped and raped by a man
56 years old- the girl had begged for her life
and finally ran for her life
she was smart in that she took something
of his with her to help identify him
they got the man today-
how sad is this world that a young lady
can no longer drive to a store and
safely come home again with out fear
pray for the young lady whose name is Jordan
honor student and so very hurt
she did receive injuries but the doctor let her
go home as that was where she needed to be-
this is such a sad story and true to
how we have to live today -
I often think how our world has changed
and some for good and some for bad
hugs from Meme who is praising God for this
girl coming home

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