Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Miss Ashley

today Miss Ashley turned 19
what a wonderful day as I
remember her birth day
it was much warmer than our day
was here today--
and we were so excited
we were allowed to go into
the birth room with her mommy
they set it up for papa hubby to be there
very private for mom and yet he could
be there
to see what God had done
**papa hubby went home with the angels
in the same room
that Tammy, (mommy)
labored to give birth to
Miss Ashley
she had a easy labour and we
were able to be with her from
the beginning to the end==
papa was a better coach than Oma
Oma was a basket case--LOL
Ashley was a wonder baby
and lived at our house for 5 years
and returned to us last spring
when papa hubby was so sick
she was wonderful to him
and was a gentle nurse grand-daughter
she could hear better than me
during the night and would be
flying by Oma like an angel
if she heard an odd sound
from Papa's room
today is bittersweet
and we both had a smile and a tear
about papa hubby not being here
this year - I found her some gifts
but it was harder shopping alone
as papa always had good imput
and was more willing to over-spend(wink)
Happy Birthday, Miss Ashley
- hugs from Oma aka Meme

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Sharon said...

Happy birthday to Miss Ashley! Meme,I hope your grand-daughter's love and caring bring uplifting smiles to you today and every day you are around her. Hugs, Sharon