Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a blue day

  • having a blue day today
  • no particular reason
  • perhaps the long winter
  • and the missing papa hubby
  • and a little bit of this and that
  • the Bible tells us that there is
  • a time for everything....
  • a time to laugh and
  • a time to cry
  • I know that my redeemer lives
  • and that this too shall pass
  • tomorrow is a new day
  • and I shall be glad in it and
  • rejoice
  • soft hugs from Meme who is hanging
  • on the Master's hand as
  • tight as I can*

1 comment:

David Warren Fisher said...

To my Meme friend:

Thank you for your visits to Pilgrim Scribblings and for leaving your comments. They are much appreciated.

Be assured of our prayers as you continue your journey with Papa having gone on before. He's cheering you on from heaven's grandstand and we are walking with you.

Be encouraged today, dear sister.

In His great love,