Thursday, March 12, 2009

your gray hair is showing....

when Miss Ashley was sick and I took her to the doctor
she needed a prescription which meant we had to stop
at the drugstore
we were told we had about a 20 minute wait
which meant to me 20 minutes of wandering or is
that wondering?-
really for me it was both
as we had time to walk around and I
had no idea how much the prescription would
and to Miss Ashley it meant
20 minutes of shopping
now she is a needy needy hinter
hmm- I need new eye liner
or shampoo or/and
cheezies for dinner or
you know the story
of needy grand girls....especially
in a store where make up
is sold-- but
alas Meme is past the stage of falling for hints
so we were both just wandering/wondering
the isles
window shopping and we went past the
hair dye and I hear the voice behind me say
''Oma, we need hair dye
Your gray hair is showing''!!!
now Miss Ashley is difficult to dis-own
and I had to be the only Oma in the store
that day-
I tried not to laugh -- but it was the serious
tone of her voice that made me crack...
alas- Meme was not ready to hide her silver that
is hidden , I hope and pretend
among her gold. --
I will but another day
like a pay day that does not require prescriptions =
I got off blessed that day as we only got
one pretty pink hairbrush re breast cancer
and the prescription
I think I may have bought the hairbrush
out of guilt of trying to pretend I did not
know her--LOL
huggles from Meme aka Oma


Raggedy Girl said...

What a sweet post...don't you just love the Grandkids!

Have a Fabulous Friday ❤❤❤
from a Raggedy Roberta Anne

Sharon said...

Meme, I had to laugh when reading your post as I was just about to head to the bathroom to color MY gray! :) A young couple who are dear friends of my son's (and our whole family) will be feted at an engagement party tonight - and having gone far too long between colorings, I MUST spend some time with Miss Clairol this afternoon so I won't be the only gray-haired lady among all the youth and vitality at the party! LOL Thank you for giving me a chuckle on this rainy day. Ah youth - it is wasted on the young! :) Hugs, Sharon

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Thank you so much for coming by the blog and marking me as a favorite. I hope my blog has given you a smile :) Please visit often :) I am so glad you came!!!
Your granddaughter sounds like a real doll to be around :) I too am grey but I rather like it. I always wanted frosted hair and now that I have it everyone wants me to color it. NO NO I like it just fine like it is :)

Debra said...

Ha...*My* grey hair is showing too. heh. That was so cute of her! Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your sweet comments at my blog. I always appreciate them so much! Blessings, Debra