Monday, March 23, 2009

I could have blogged....

all day yesterday about papa hubby
my heart was so filled with memories
but it was not a sad day
just day of remembering the
way he was
some day I will share some of his testimony
as cancer was not the only battle he fought
in his life.........
he became a hero of the faith
in 1987 and he knew the joy
of becoming a new man in Christ
I found a picture or two of him
hiding in the computer--LOL
I will share them with you as time goes by,,
although his death is my loss
it is his gain.....
he had this saying before he died
while he was still able to have the
energy to speak more than a word or two
and he did- he loved his ice-cream
(he needed something to help swallow his pills)
and woe to a nurse who tried to use
yogurt instead--
he was a quiet man but he let anyone
know that he was not eating yogurt
so he had a standing order of ice-cream
-he did not ask for much very often
so if he asked his doctor for anything
the doctor would insist that it was an''order'.
hugs from Meme and off you go-
for ice-cream

ps- yes that is a picture of papa hubby before cancer on a seniors outing

his favorite thing to do--


Pauline said...

Dear Meme

How lovely to hear about your dear husband in such a joyful and uplifting way. May you continue to reap much joy in your life.
Prayers for you

Love Pauline

Raggedy Girl said...

My heart is so sad and uplifted at the same time. God bless you.

Roberta Anne