Friday, February 27, 2009

sharing a blessing

flowers for papa
spring comes late here or at least nights with no frost
we generally plant our gardens after May 15
last year as papa hubby got weaker and
finally he could only walk out
on to the balcony
I wanted to brighten the corner where he was
but it was too early for bedding plants
and I did not have time to go anywhere
to find bedding plants already in flower
nor could I even bring the planters in at night
to keep them from freezing
and I could not leave dear papa alone
so I could walk to our local stores
so I decided to do plastic flowers and
got a ride to our local dollar store and
Miss Ashley stayed home with papa
and I bought flowers in many colors
and Ashley got the scissors and
we planted the flowers for papa
he loved them- we had every color of the rainbow
and we were able to fill our planters
with joyful plastic flowers
this was one of our miracles
that God blessed us with----
the flowers are still there in the planters
and we have been blessed
with colors all winter long
-I remember the day our doctor cried
because I wanted to take papa on a trip
not long, not far but some where
and the doctor said
take him to his balcony and
let him hear the birds sing
bring the grass to him
and let him feel the earth one more time
and then the doctor
told us how sorry he was not to be
able to help papa go past our balcony
thank God for plastic flowers
and then God sent us two birds
papa made a lot of birdhouses
and feeders but for the first
time a mama bird came and made
a nest in one of papa's houses
and we would sit very quiet
as she bird and he bird
would sing love songs to each other
and the grass grew green
it was wonderful taking
trips out to the balcony with papa
it was a wonderful spring
filled with
blessings and miracles
hugs from Meme

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Pauline said...

What a truly lovely memory to share with us all "O) Thank you Meme and blessings to you today "O)