Tuesday, March 3, 2009

why ''papa''?

so many have asked me why I call my dear husband ''papa''
and or papa hubby (David)
it started over 20 years ago at the birth of our first grandchild
we are not even sure who started the name but
the name soon fit.......papa
and then when
our one grand-daughter lived here from birth
until the age of 5 we all, referred to him as Papa
in our everyday talking,,,,.......
when papa David was on his cancer journey
I spent most of my time with him
and also he was used to me calling him
papa- as the grand-kids were often here
I had my own pet name for him which was
but now that he is gone I want to keep that
for me and him- as it was our special name
but now back to rest of the story
when papa needed help to get up and down
(he could not lift himself out of his chair)
I would direct him where to hang on to me
(he asked me to tell him so that he did not hurt me)
and one day I said ''David, put your arm around me''
and he said- please, call me papa = because I like the way
you say it as I can hear the love in your voice and then I
don't feel like you are my nurse- then I feel like you are
my wife.''--
I never called him David again except to the nurses
as this was so important to him to be called ''papa or 'POPPY
he did not want his family to call him
anything else although he let his brother call him
brother David--LOL
and he always would stop the nurses and ask them
to call him David rather than mister piesse (pro-
nounced peace)
the cancer and the chemo and the medicines
took so much of him away and
he had so little control of what was
happening in his life to him and around him
that I was happy to see him tell us
what he wanted to be called by=
so for me now he will always be ''papa David'' or
''papa hubby-""
---and in my heart POPPY
- and that is our story
Hugs and Blessings,
Meme aka Oma (papa's wife)

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Bernideen said...

What a sweet story of love!