Thursday, March 5, 2009

cold feet---

brrrrrrrrrrrrr- it is cold outside
we got our snow storm
with wind and snow and cold
walked down to the church
and some of the drifts were higher than my boots
and my boots are high-
and heavy but warm
papa hubby insisted that I get these boots
before he went to the hospital the first time
he was worried about me having to walk
although he would never have let me
walk any where and never in this
kind of weather
but he knew best in his heart..........
it is a blessing that God laid the boots
on his heart as we did not even know
of the cancer the day I bought them
I bought them to keep his heart happy
and now they keep my feet warm
I have getting tough now as the cold
does not bother me much
I just bundle up and head out
I am looking forward to spring
coming this year as it has been
a long cold winter
but the same God who sent the snow
will melt the snow for our summer crops
Meme is off to find her hot rice socks
to warm her feet
warm hugs

1 comment:

Pauline said...

Hello Meme
Reading your blog about keeping warm makes me think about the fact the we will be coming into winter soon... too soon for my liking!!! It has JUST started to cool down here in sunny Queensland ie 12 degrees in the morning- nowhere near as cold as it gets where you are.But I am not ready for cold!!! I felt like I needed a jacket on!
Blessings to you and lovely to read your blog "O)