Wednesday, February 4, 2009

blessings in my day...

my head cold sent me to bed for most of the day and now my nose matches Rudolf-s nose- so I will share my blessings here and go back to bed where I am eating crackers--------
my red gloves that I use in bed at night after putting on a good hand lotion- I leave them on for about 20 minutes and I find that this is ''a good thing'' for my hands-- they are just normal dollar store gloves- sometimes I do my feet this way too and just use ordinary socks. Lord and Savior who is leading me through the storms followed with rainbows... in my life.
my tea thermos- which keeps my tea hot while I do my computer- other wise I would drink the tea cold-I keep this off my desk but handy so that I do not have laptop tea...
a new month- February which has a nice day in the middle to remind us of loving each other- we know, enough from God's word to do this every day and it is nice to have a special day to share chocolates -
warmer weather here today- we were warmer here than Florida which is a real treat- funny how we consider a few degrees above freezing warm and another place considers that same few degrees cold...
Dogman - our dog- who does not report me for neglect when we/I forget to feed him ( I did forget until this afternoon but he was quick to forgive me)- and he is always willing to wait patiently to have his carrots peeled..
crackers to eat in my bed and the dust buster which then cleans the crumbs off the bed -----
-my old house which has been a blessing to papa and I as we shared our life together as one- the roof does not leak - the walls protect us and it is a home filled with peace and joy and Miss Ashley's stuff mixed in with Oma's stuff---
--Miss Ashley who carries a burden to heavy for her age but is still willing to carry it...... for the sake of Oma
good cleaners to clean the pans that Miss Ashley burns when she cooks and a fan to recycle the smoke--LOL
good night to all- from Meme with gentle hugs

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Pauline said...

Hello Meme

You know what I think that I am learning something this week - thankfulness "O) even when things don't go the way we would like (even like a cold) we need to be thankful. I was reading about Hosea (the one that God told to marry the prostitute!!!) and how he was obedient and imagine that!!!! these days it is so ingrained to think about me and my woes etc etc rather than as Christ would have us and being thankful is part of that. Thank you for finding things to be thankful for even though you are not well. Uplifting!Inspiring! Thank you for seeing Him even in the unpleasant.