Thursday, February 19, 2009

I finished the corner.......:-)

I finished dear papa hubby's corner today- dusted and cleaned -sorted and tossed- kept and gave--
it is nice to be done-
this was his corner and I did not go there.........
it was his little corner of his world- and he kept it as he wanted....
.I think everyone should have a little special part of the home that is just their own space
-he cleaned out every Christmas day- but in 2007 he was already in the hospital and no strength to do it when he came home 51 days later and in 2008 he was gone with the angels-
so it was memories covered in dust.
I fixed the top shelf in memory of him and some of his special things - and then his and my keeper books are the second-
and now I will just use the other shelves for this and that of his and mine-
Miss Ashley says that it looks nice and papa would have approved-
this was the hardest area because it was so personal- as Ashley said'' he has lots of corners in heaven and has no need of a personal space here now-and because he was such a social fellow I sure he is busy singing with the angels
- I feel much better- being all done.......and we (the gal and I) both decided that we will dust it every Christmas day as a memory of tradition-
huggles - from Meme


Bernideen said...

I am sure you have many wonderful memories!Have a blest day and thank you for visiting my blog!

Pauline said...

Congratulations on finding the strength to be able to finish that corner. I hope it brings joy to you now as you look at the "newness" and the special places that you have made also.
Love and prayers to you

Sharon said...

Bless you Meme - I remember well the day my Mom was finally ready to clean out my Daddy's closet. She still couldn't quite do it herself and so asked me to. It was full of sweet memories, many of which were brought into my own home (cowboy boots and a favorite hat; the cotton handkerchiefs it was my beloved job as a child to iron for him.) May you feel warmth from the love Papa's memories will always bring to you. And may this corner cleaning energize you to go forward to experience new joys! Hugs, Sharon