Monday, February 9, 2009

it is all about '' D''...........

it is time to talk about the letter ''d ''in my life...
of course- my first D would be for David - the number one D in my life-
as you know so much of my David Dee I won't repeat it in this blog note
because I feel like you already know him
another D is Dogman - the dog who came to our house to stay- he is 12 plus years now and still manage the household quite well--
D is for my two daughters - 40 and 36 who live close by and have blessed me with 6 grand kids- the daughter names are Bonita and Tammy
D would have to be for doughnuts which is one of my favorite meals- oops- I mean snacks---all the better if they are chocolate coated--but no sprinkles
not sure if there are any ''dee'' fruits but if there is I do not eat them but I can still use ''d'' for dinner- when I grew up dinner was at noon and then our evening meal was supper- there are some folks who have lunch at noon and then dinner at supper time- I still have dinner at noon..
''d''is for dime- when I was a kid we had dime savors from the bank where we would save all the dimes we managed to beg off our grandpa or daddy-when had 5 dollars we took to the back and could our own savings account
oh and I remember the dixie cups that had ice cream in them- in the summer we could go to town with mom and dad and a dime would buy a dixie cup- we would sit on the side walk out side the little grocery store and eat - those were the days...
I cannot think of anymore ''d'' in my life tonight except for the ''days of my life that the Lord has blessed me with''
day by day He is the shepherd......
hugs from Meme

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Pauline said...

I love reading about your life through the alphabet!!! Most interesting "O) Hope you are feeling back to yourself and the cold has all but left you!