Friday, February 6, 2009

here for ....

  • just a few minutes as I am very tired
  • my cold is better but still have that
  • spinning head
  • I miss papa hubby a lot today
  • some days I have many strugglings
  • with him not here=
  • so my heart had no song today
  • but I know tomorrow will be better
  • I am sending this verse tonight
  • because it is my hope
  • ""When the cares of my heart are many,
  • thy consolations cheer my soul.""
  • from Psalm 94:14
  • hugs from Meme


Pauline said...

huggles to you meme and I pray that tomorrow finds you stronger. thinking of you from here in Australia

Homemakers Tales . said...

Hi Meme ..I,msad you are feeling poorly..and of course you miss Papa-Hubby..i understand about that .in 94 i lost my grown son in a car crash he was father 2-but divorced his son lived with him then in 2001 his son then in fostercare was found hanging in a tree a play accident ?? an open verdict was declared at the inquest he was almost 16 i miss my boys My son was a prodigal and back to the Lord 9 months yippee
On a lighter note yes the snow is bad never since 20 years this bad so no trips out for us the ice under the snow is the worst but we will stay safe
Love to you Meme x x