Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have started to clean out papa's corner= he had a space by his chair which was a book case but he kept many odds and ends there
it is growing too many dust bunnies now and it is time clear and clean
his area and renew the space -
it was always his space and for some reason he only cleaned it out on
Christmas day--LOL- because he used the area often, the dust did not have time to grow there..........
I found one of his notebooks where he had written down all the words that Jesus spoke- he had the verses etc- from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- he dated the pages as he copied them and it was precious to see how much time he spent copying out the spoken words of Jesus-
He did not read well so this was an adventure of love for him to do-
- He now can hear the words spoken by Jesus and so I will tuck his dear note book in the garage for now- I find that some memories I must pack away but I was blessed to night to see this one......note book of love..
I am going to pack up a lot of his things for now and store them away until I can make practical decisions- I will keep a few things out but I do not think it is good for me to hang on to his things of this world......
He was a precious gentle-man.
huggles from Meme

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Pauline said...

Hello Meme
I really enjoyed your post today. I pray that you are blessed as you continue to work your way through your loved one's things.
Just a thought re the note book - perhaps it could be passed on to a family member that might treasure it as an "heirloom" as such? I think it is lovely to have something to remind you of family especially something that is handwritten... like my mum's recipes! and a book with all of Jesus' words handwritten sounds beautiful! Just a thought.
Love to you