Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pizza pizza?

pizza pizza? anyone?
the grand-kids were here on the week end
so Meme tried to make a pizza
but Meme is blond in this area
but found a dough recipe which
I could handle as I do make bread
now and then
so we made a hamburger and cheese
pizza one day and a chicken and cheese pizza
the next day-I made too much dough for just one.
.both meats were precooked
and it was just the sauce and the cheese and the meat
as we had to build with what we had on hand
our only problem was that the pizzas stuck in the middle of the pan?
have no idea why....
so it was pizza with a fork -----
now Meme has never eaten pizza- sigh-
as Meme had never understood mixed up foods--
however in order to get one child to taste Meme's cooking
I had to take a bite and make a comment
sigh- well,it was good so Meme ate the whole piece both days
this sent the g'kids into shock
as theyhave never seen pizza pass Meme lips before
and it has never happened before maybe I can do this more often
for the Miss Ashley and I
as we are not into cooking a lot
of real meals and according to some
survey somewhere at sometime
pizza can be considered a balanced meal?
could this be true?
hm-mmneed to add some vegetables
and find a non sticking pan?
we added the cooked chicken first and then the cheese
and the meat did not dry out like Meme thought
it might do.......
I need pizza ladies advice
hugs from Meme is still growing up

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