Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meme is up late.......

  • the tow man came and took the trailer out of the yard- and so now I have a new space to look at-----he was so nice and refused to take any money as he said that papa hubby did a lot of little things for him.. That was such a blessing for me.

  • we had sunshine this morning and then rain and storms and we were on tornado watch again but all is well now.

  • did a few too many chores around the house and now my shoulder is cross and so am I- LOL

  • I will close for now and talk to you all tomorrow.

  • Remember Jesus is every day.

  • huggles me, Meme

  • the picture is saying that we can still be friends even if we are different ............


Terry said...

oh meme...i want that cat!
do you think you can shrink him up and send him to me through the email?
i guess not, eh?
i just may as well copy and paste him to a file and put him on my desktop!
my sister gracey can take the bird, but i want THAT cat!

have a little rest now and i will be thinking of you meme.

meme, diane has her operation terry

my word verifaction is "rellato".
i think that would be a good name for that kitty.
what say meme?.....

Linda said...

Just saying hi. The cat is so cute. Linda