Monday, July 13, 2009


  • Ashley helped me down load more pictures today so now I know what I am doing---
    these are old pictures taking before papa went home with the Lord
    there are pictures from his camera and also from mine- I just left them where they were
    when he died but now it is time for me to take some new ones for me and you.
    we each our camera as he often had a camera with him and of course- we swapped too-
    some I have just deleted as they are not good- like the one of my 3 fingers only-LOL
    so I will share pictures more often-
    right now I am supposed to be making supper for Dogman and me
    but I wanted to send this one picture off before I do that=
    I will come back tomorrow and share some and then share as time goes by
    this is papa David before cancer and how I need to remember him- I was blessed to find this picture today as sometimes to see him just the way he was-
    hugs from Meme

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Terry said...

oh you have surely found a treasure meme!
when gracey' husband said so long for now, gracey didn't really start too soon to go through her husband's things but when she did, what she found was a treasure when she played some cassette tapes where eric had taped himself reading the bible to the four children.
the chidren were 7, 5, 4, and 22 months when their daddy went to heaven.
it was such a comfort to gracey, those recordings.

i will be looking forward so much to the pictures that you download meme, especially pictures of you and your sweet heart and i guess too of that naughty dogman!
take care dear terry