Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It is raining here today which is what we need--and so our rain is an answer to prayer.
God's blessing helps the earth grow our food and keeps us continually blessed. So often, we want to have only the sun-shine but if there are no storms we would not see our rainbows.
I feel like I am in midst of another storm right now as time is getting closer to the one year that my dear hubby has been gone- It seems like only yesterday that I held him in my arms and sang the song telling us that Jesus loved him. He loved Jesus too and had a personal faith that comforted him as he walked in the valley of death. Death came but could not steal him as his death was his victory in Jesus.
I know that the sun will shine in my heart again and that the rain will help me grow- and I will see the rainbow.
.please pray that as I seek His comfort that I will remember that I do not walk alone and there is sunshine after the rain.
huggles me, Meme


Diane said...

Dearest Meme, my heart and my prayers are with you, especially in these days of facing the anniversary of papa hubby's home going. I have not come to this thresh hold but I do understand the longings and the emptiness you feel. Yes, the storms of life must come. And, yes, we will survive the storms and we will be refreshed after the rain; the SON will shine! I love you dear friend and I'm praying for you.

Many hugs............


Terry said...

dear mema,
i have been worried about you the last few days and i never knew that it is almost a year that you said good bye to papa hubby.
what can i say other than that you are a cherished new friend and i will be praying for you too.

i am glad that alberta has gotten the rain that it needed. we have got a lot of rain here, more than we deserve and the prairies are really in need of it.
praying for you meme....love terry

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Meme,
They say that time heals the wounds, but as you say, it is almost a year since your dear hubby went home to be with the Lord, and still you feel like you are still in the storm. I feel what you feel.

May God continue to hold you close in His heart...

I am thinking of doing a post for us "widows" and others who have lost a loved one, in blog land.

I am lifting you up in prayer.