Thursday, July 9, 2009

busy bee

  1. Meme is just flying by .......tonight. It is cool here but no storms.
  2. No time for tales but I had a good day but it just flew by
  3. I got to the grocery store and the bank too
  4. now tomorrow is a paper pile day aka pay those bills
  5. I cannot give kitty from yesterday away as he is a visitor
  6. I have not seen him lately so maybe he moved
  7. but now we have a new kitty visitor who is black and white-
  8. the bird has a lot of visitors these last few years and so far
  9. has not had any problems with his visitors aka kitties
  10. I will come back tomorrow with a thought or two
  11. huggles from Meme

1 comment:

Terry said...

dear meme,
i have always loved dandelions because they are always the first sign of spring and so is the little visitor in your dandelion duet.
too bad about the kitty!
maybe the birds chased him away.
bernie's cat is afraid of birds...ha!!
have a nice weekend terry