Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miss Ashley news

Miss Ashley now has her learner's permit and can learn to drive- she is so excited as this was a hard step for her- she had dreamed of her papa teaching her to drive and when he got sick and then passed away- she would not consider the test or any thing to do with driving- I have been encouraging her but also supporting her feelings- I understood how she felt--------and the other day she went and took the test..........and now has a learner's permit- she has a few lessons from an instructor also and he is very encouraging man as he knows why she had to wait;;;she wants me to tell you the good news she has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I finally realized that it means a lot to her that my friends know our news - she keeps asking what my friends said--LOL

I am so proud of her------- The picture of papa and her at her graduation- papa's last outing ...........

huggles me, Meme

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