Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sunshine and clouds....

We got our rain and brother farmer says that he got enough - we have no puddles hanging around as we were so dry--------we did not get some of the thunder and lightening that other areas did- we have had storms pass over today but no more rain.Papa hubby's friend stopped by to help me clean out the old trailer which will be going to the dump- we were using as a storage shed but now it have lived it's day and needs to go out to pasture. We did have fun trying to guess what some of papa's plans were in regards to some of the items.We do make plans and we do have hope and we do not think about the day when the Lord calls us home. We need to be ready for that day- because it is quicker than a wink- and there are no do-overs.When we were told that papa hubby had terminal cancer in stage 4 plus we both remembered God's promise in John 3:16. We were prepared and so all papa hubby had to do was hang for the ride. And it was quite a ride for both us. It was the best times and worst of times.I remember so well my David's last morning and laying beside him thinking how will I know when he goes with the Lord and I remember the sweet presence of the Lord in the room and how there were no words left for us to say.I kissed him good bye as I was going home to change clothes(I would walk the 4 blocks home - change and return ) and he moved his cheeks as he had no energy to speak. I always laid my head on his chest and would say pitter patter pooh- I love you. I got ready to leave (which was only a minute in our time)and went back to kiss him good bye again and when I laid my head on his shoulder he had already slipped away - He was calm and peaceful and silent and I am so glad the Lord gave us that gift together alone. We did not have to say good-bye.I do miss him but I would not ask the Lord to bring him back to this earthy world where sin has entered in and where stuff turns to dust and rust. Missing him is worth it because I have the joy of knowing where he is and who he is with.

huggles me, Meme who according to her spell check as made no mistakes--LOL but the punctuation is ---the picture is of the tornado that touched down about 24 miles north of Meme


Terry said...

dear meme....i shouldn't of told you that yours is the first blog i come to in the morning because you are going to know just how late i have been getting up...a real lazy bones i am for sure!
your zweet stories of papa hubby always touch my heart.
you both were still in love and still had a young love.
that "pitter patter pooh-i love you."....what precious last words for him to take with him as he slipped off in jesus arms to heaven.
surely this was your gift to him and god's gift to YOU!
heaven is ever much more closer to you because of papa hubby's being there.
the days are getting shorter for sure meme and the lord is coming soon. how soon...because it seems that sin is getting worse and worse in this cruel, unfeeling world.
every day in the toronto sun newspaper there are so many reports of shootings and murder for no reason, other than hate.
we should really, as you say be ready....packed up and ready to go!
god bless you meme as you go through this huge task of clearing out the trailer and now and then bumping into some precious memories of papa hubby....love terry

Diane said...

I'm not at the packing away and clearing out stage yet, but I know that time will come. Thank you so much for sharing so honestly and openly about your struggles. It gives me hope and encouragement for the days to come. My heart is with you as you approach the anniversary of your papa hubby's home going. I did notice that in one post you said that you wouldn't bring him back into this world. I'm not there yet. I so would bring my Terry back, if only for just one more day of being in his presence and feeling his love and hearing him say one last time how he treasures me.

Many hugs..........