Tuesday, December 23, 2008

celebrating Christmas

one more day until Christmas and YES, I still need to do the shopping- I like to go to the dollar store
for stocking stuffings for the grand children
did not do that today but I still have tomorrow
found some cute little bags at another store for 40 cents each so I will use them for stockings
it is just a fun thing for everyone
I get little things they use during the year--I save change the last few months
so that it does not come out of my
normal living-expenses-

Yes, I am celebrating Christmas- I think that as a Christian it is nice for me to have a day of celebration
for Jesus who came to give me and you eternal life- we know that it is not his real birth day as far as days go
but it is a day for us to reflect his coming as man to live here with us in order to later give His life for us-

I am not more sad about papa missing Christmas here than any other day as I miss him every day
but happy to know I have this special day to remember why Jesus came and because He came
I will see Him and papa one day.....
I do see a lot of sadness this year but it seems to be a money issue of guilt of folks thinking
that they are not giving enough - because we tend to get sucked into the world=s idea
of gifts and celebration= What we need to give is ourselves
parents could give their kids a special time for"" you ""---- often we say we have more time than money so we could
give some of our time to family and friends-just some ideas that would really bring families together
again as families :-)

Papa and I were into the thing of giving too many gifts at one time until we discovered Jesus and who and why and how
we can celebrate Him-I think it would be a honor to Him if we could keep Christmas in our hearts
every day and take and give time to our families
and friends

Have a very Happy Christmas and keep the day in your heart all year long-
Happy Birthday, Jesus

Huggles me,
Meme aka Oma

Lord, grant that I may seek to comfort rather than be comforted.(Mother Teresa)

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Pauline said...

hello Meme!
Wishing you a blessed Christmas day filled with many joyous memories with your grandchildren :O) I hope that they love your stockings!
We have already had Christmas day here in Australia and my children loved their's. Christmas is such a wonderful time for them and to create memories and remember the greatest gift of Jesus, isn't it!
Blessings for Christmas
Pauline :O)