Monday, November 17, 2008

just for today

just for today
I will do one thing at a time
I will rest in the Lord
I will weep when I need too
I will talk when I need too (madawayash) Ojibwa means chattering wind
I will be silent as needed
I will laugh when I need too
I will love as forever
I will not hate
I will not be bitter
I will forgive
I will pray with out ceasing
I will hold my criticisms
I will care and share
and I will do this today and tomorrow
again and again
huggles me, Meme Madawayash

Lord Jesus Christ, I am in a time of loneliness. It is as if I am totally alone, without anyone in the world. It is a terrifying feeling, Lord; help me to overcome it. Let me realize that I am never really alone. I am united with You -- for You are always with me. And there are many people whom You have brought into my life to help me on my way to eternity. Teach me to see that we need one another if we are to make a go of our lives and complete the tasks You have given us. Thank you, Lord

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