Friday, December 5, 2008

cheese please

  • today I shut my finger in a door
  • and it still hurts.......
  • how can a tiny bump on the nail
  • hurt the whole finger
  • a good way to see how a
  • little sin of mine can end
  • up hurting the whole body of Christ
  • I know that sometimes we think that
  • our sins are our own but not always
  • sigh- and yes, we can go for forgiveness
  • and receive forgiveness but all sin still
  • has consequences that can ripple on
  • I know that sometimes it seems to me
  • that my sin is so automatic and with out
  • any thought and perhaps that is why
  • we need the word written in our hearts and
  • memories so that we will think before we do
  • I am not perfect but I must strive towards
  • perfection not for my sake but for Christ's sake
  • -----------
  • it is snowing here and everything
  • looks so white and clean
  • Dogman likes to run out into the snow
  • and make tracks all over the balcony
  • then he runs in
  • and makes tracks all over the floor
  • taking my finger off to bed
  • count your blessings and not sheep
  • smiling through an ouch
  • huggles me, Meme aka Oma

1 comment:

Pauline said...

you encourage with the comments that you leave me "O). What a kind and lovely thing to say "O)
I so agree with the post you made today. I am struggling with sin and sometimes it is frustrating to me to not be able to stop it (like banging your finger!!) and then having to deal with the consequences... knowing what I should be doing and not... sometimes it feels HOPELESS like I may as well GIVE UP! but I know and believe that this is NOT the Lord's plan and I must PRAY more and SEEK Him more that even in the ugly He can make something beautiful!!!
That even in the sinfulness He can turn it into His eternal purpose whilst we continue to come to His feet.
Perhaps there will come some good from your sore finger too... imagine an eternal purpose from something like that?!! Wonderful and amazing He is.
May your finger "get well soon"
Blessings to you
ps sorry this is long!