Tuesday, December 2, 2008

some not sure thoughts

  • I am tired today- perhaps the weather or maybe an over do yesterday
  • it is cold and windy with bits of snow falling- the wind is what makes the day not quite so nice
  • I woke with the feeling that I must start to prepare saying good bye to dear hubby so that my heart can move on ------his death has taken so much of me away----and although I rejoice knowing that he is home with his Lord- my heart wants him back-
  • when I woke I felt on my heart that the Lord is asking me to say good bye, my poppy- until- we do meet again
  • it is just that I do not know quite how and so I pray that the Lord will show me more about this- it was not a dream but I suppose - it was that still small voice that we often miss hearing
  • perhaps I will talk more of this as the days go by here....I keep thinking's that if I can just get through December I can start the new year with a healing hopeful heart---last December was a black month for us both as it was the beginning of the end- sigh-
  • huggles me, Meme

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Pauline said...

thank you for your kind comment on my blog. and my prayers and thoughts are with you at this very difficult and sad time. And KNOW that the Lord will meet you wherever you are at. Our weaknesses are when He can be strong for us.