Monday, September 21, 2009

home from biopsy

i am home- the test was quite pain free but oh my, now it is so painful re my left side - face- etc- took some pain meds and must do nothing for a few days- no reports for 10 days as they have to do extensive testing- and we will go from there-i am very tired so I will go to bed again- I will blind copy to groups== they did 7 different needle tests and I swear each needle got bigger but he did it with the ultra sound so he knew where to go----------thank you for praying
loving thoughts from me and gentle right arm huggles


Pauline said...

Praying you will be able to cope with the pain that you have and that it will not be too much to bear and that you will have peace through the next 10 days whilst you wait for your results.
Huggles to you at this difficult time!

Sharon said...

Hang in there Meme! Rest often, follow doctor's orders, and enjoy the new Fall season. Hugs, Sharon

Linda said...

Take care of yourself, get lots of rest. I'd take whatever I needed to be more comfortable. I'm praying. Linda