Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the nappers

  • had to take Miss Ashley to the doctor for another foot sprain
  • she had sprained the main muscle in her foot so time
  • will be the healer-------she tends to fall of her foot on one side
  • we waited for 10 days to see if it would go away on its own
  • and now we know that it will so that was good news and she
  • will just have to limp through it for a few weeks---
  • then we went out for supper together with no boy who
  • is a friend and no Dogman begging eyes---and then
  • we walked home and both had a nap..........
  • the doctor checked the lump and it has grown larger
  • which means it shows now and is annoying the neck muscles
  • but he could still give me no answer as we have to wait
  • for the biopsy on Sept. 21
  • I am going back to the shepherd and letting Him lead
  • sometimes I forget who is in charge.......and I want answers NOW
  • but God knows and yes, it is another journey but
  • I am not alone--
  • I am hoping to get over the being tired so that I can get on with some tales-
  • good night and God bless every one and thank you for praying
  • your prayers hold me up
  • huggles from Meme


Terry said...

hello meme,
i wanted to write yesterday but mom golden and i spent the whole day in the hospital with aunt marion who the children told us that she was on her death bed.
it was a really long and sad day as we waited with all of her children and grandchildren.
when we left last night, aunt marion had been put on a regular floor from emergency room
her daughter told us that if there were any change, she would phone us.
she has not called today, so i think i had let mom golden rest. she is almost 80 years old.
aunt marion told one of her sons that she is saved and this made mom golden so happy that she cried..

i hope your doctor will have some answers for you soon.
you have such a faithful attitude and it so so great that you take it the shepherd and leave your burden there.
sorry to here about miss ashley.
do you think that there is something wrong with her ankle that it goes over to one side like that?
you had better feed that mr. dogman some food!!
poor little guy!
well, glad to talk to you meme.
you are ever on my mind...love terry

Pauline said...

Continuing to keep you and Miss Ashley in my prayers Meme. I hope He continues to hold you both up as you seek Him in these difficult situations. He is faithful - and isnt it wonderful when He shows us that and we can see it "O)
Love to you

Terry said...

thinking about you today dear meme and hoping you are all right....love terry