Friday, September 25, 2009

Meme has bad news

I had to go to the doctor for him to check the biopsy site for infection or problems- that part is ok but the first of the results are in and I do have cancer- they do not know where it is originating from at this time and they do not know if it is good or bad- I have to go to the cancer clinic in the city and also have ct scans done asap- there is no doubt about the lump containing cancer but the problem is why?? once they know the origin it will be easier to make plans of what the chemo will be and if there will or will not be surgerythat is all I know today-- I am stunned and do not really know what to say except pray for me- I will weep today- then have a good week end and begin the battle on MondayI will tell you whatever I know when I know itI cannot say anymore right now as this note hurts me to have to tell you my sad newsI love you- friends
from Meme


Pauline said...

Dear Meme

That is very hard news! I will pray and pray that you will find answers but even more- peace! Thinking of you!

Prayers and huggles!

Diane said...

Dearest Meme,

I have been absent for so long; it's been a hard time for me. As I read your post, my heart was breaking for you. Please know I am praying for you and asking the Lord to give you peace, strength and healing.

Many hugs.........


Terry said...

oh meme..i am so sorry to hear this news and i just find it hard to believe.
please know that i will be praying so hard for you....please make sure you take care of yourself and if and whenever you can..please let us know how you terry

ps..the reason diane has been "absent so long", meme is because she has been ill too..

Sharon said...

Meme! My 87 yr old Mom is currently undergoing treatment for Burkitt's Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (just finished chemo round #2.) Her cancer was found when a lump in her neck was biopsied, so when I read your posts it all sounded so familiar. She is receiving treatment locally (in Shreveport, Louisiana) but we did go to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas for a second opinion/confirmation of diagnosis and ultimately to get the "recipe" for the chemotherapy, which is uniquely used to treat Burkitt's. It worked very well, as the cancer cells at the original site were destroyed and have not returned. However, Mom developed complications and it took awhile to get her back "up" enough for the next round, which the doctors decided would not need to be as aggressive. So far, so good! So please do keep your wonderful faith that God is with you on this journey - HE IS! I will continue to pray for you and look for updates at your blog. Big Hugs, Sharon @ ComeForTea