Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How is Meme?

  • I am feeling better this week and I have been catching up on odds and ends
  • but slowly so I do not tire -------------
  • the weather had been wonderful and I get outside except
  • in the hot hours as heat is hard on me--
  • so mornings and evening are nice for me to sit out or
  • do a few yard things...........
  • taking walks every day
  • and the biopsy is till on Sept- 21
  • so I will have things in order so Ashley can mess it up--LOL
  • she is like a whirl- wind looking for a place to land,
  • she always has been-
  • you always know she is here when she is here-(wink).
  • Thank you all for praying
  • it keeps me going at this time
  • huggles from Meme


Pauline said...

Hello Meme- had a chance to pop on here quickly so i thought that I would let you know I am continuing to keep you and Miss Ashley in my prayers!

Terry said...

hi meme...sad to hear that you are so tired.
i will be back to normal tomorrow and i will email you.
you just tell that miss ashley to slow down a bit, eh?
it makes people like me kind of jealous that i can't move around as quickly as i used to do...
take care dear friend and give doggie a hug from me....love terry