Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dear friends

I have been in the hospital since November the 10 and finally came home today- I had a severe chemo crash and also a infected bowel caused by the chemo and came very close to going home to the Lord but He choose to heal me slowly- I am a miracle patient as they were not expecting me to live past the first day and called my family in- but God did not take me home yet- I am very weak and was very sick but as my platelets dropped to poing 6 which is not a good thing and also having the infection and nothing to fight it with- They had a new cancer drug they brought in to use and God used the drug as a miracle-
I will write more when I can and I will try to find a way for Miss Ashley to write here for me=
I was too sick to explain to her how to find the blog - I am just blessed to be able to tell you this in person- life is very different for me now as I need to be cared for rather than be a care giver
this cancer is fighting my body and taking a lot out of me but God will decide and His plans are best for me although I do not really like them at the moment
I will update when I can- I spent 42 days in the hospital so I am just finding my blogs again-
thanks for praying and please continue-
love Meme


Linda said...

It's so good to hear from you. I'm sorry for all you've been going through, but praise God He brought you through. I'll be praying for healing and strength. Thanks for letting us know. Linda

Pauline said...

Oh Meme! I have thought of you often these past weeks/ months. Keeping my eye on your blog, praying and remembering you. I am pleased that you are a "miracle" and I pray you have total peace as you wait on the Lord for what He has in store for you in this. May He bless you ever so richly and may your Christmas be full of His peace. Amen

Terry said...

oh the sound of your voice is so sweet meme!
we were all so worried,
i am so thankful for both of your miracles...your healing and miss ashley.
the lord knows exactly what he is doing.
thank you so much for the update and please have a happy holiday season dear meme....we all love you so much...love terry

Terry said...

thinking about you meme..love terry

Terry said...

thinking of you dearest meme and thinking of miss ashley too!..love terry

Jodie Dunn said...

Bless you lady, I just ran across your blog and invite you to view mine also, love to write about God's Goodness also. www.jodiessite.com

May you continue to know His healing power in your life... lvJ

Terry said...

dear meme...if you see this, i want to wish you a happy christmas...think of you often...love terry