Saturday, October 10, 2009

in memory of papa---blessing

today 2 of his friends came with trucks and cleaned up my back yard of things that were done and also cleaned out an entire shed so that I have a whole unit to store things so that I can continue to down size and if I am not sure I can still remove from the house-
I was so blessed== also can put all the thrift store stuff until they come back and they will take it down for me-this is like having a whole new room added to my house-they took an old chair and dresser and hamper from the house for me too - which adds more space for me they did it in memory of papa and in honor of meI am so blessed--I was able to share some of papa hubbys things with them- R------has a whole load of wood for their wood burning stove as papa hubby had a lot of willow saved up for his canes he made--they tried to pay me and so I tried to pay them-- and we both agreed that this is what friendship is for--and so we both won each other over -
I am ok --- will write soon- huggles me, Meme


Linda said...

Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you have some support. Linda

Terry said...

dear meme...these are such precious friends to have,
god bless them and god bless you terry


dear meme...i know that you are still sleeping.
it is only 4:15 a.m. in alberta but i am thinking of you this thanksgiving morning and wishing that yours and your granddaughter's day will be a happy one.
papa hubby will be spending thanksgiving day in heaven but really the first day that he entered heaven was a forever thanksgiving day for him dear meme.
god bless you terry

Terry said...

oh meme..i am sorry that i forgot to sign out of pilgrim pals blog but the comment was straight from my full heart and i do not want to delete it.blessings to you and miss ashley terry

Terry said...

i am thinking about you meme as you go for you first appointment tuesday...praying for you to have terry